What is a “Care Nin”

It refers to anyone who is involved – with pride, love, and passion – in the filed of “caring” people such as caregiving nursing and medicine.

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Since its premiere in 2017, Care Nin, Thank God You’re Here has been played around the world with more than 1300 showings in Japan and abroad. Now, three years later, the original staff members and main cast return to the screen in Care Nin, The Flower in Your Heart!
The story begins just as protagonist Kei Omori, played by Junki Tozuka, leaves his previous job to begin working at a large-scale nursing home.
This nursing home is one of the largest care facilities in Japan. The work environment for a caregiver like Kei is entirely different here. This nursing home has numerous residents and many of them live with serious medical conditions...And although Kei clashes with the other staff members as they all search for a way to make the residents and their families happy, this is a second act filled with love and emotion

This time, a story of love and excitement, struggling on the stage of a large-scale nursing home.


Kei Omori is a caregiver who has left his previous job at a small-scale care service to come work at a large-scale nursing home. But he is unable to hide his tremendous discomfort with a management style that prioritizes efficiency and risk control in the name of accommodating large numbers of residents. It is under these circumstances that Mieko, an elderly woman living with dementia, moves into the nursing home. Mieko’s husband, Tatsuro, has been acting as her at-home caregiver and doesn’t trust the nursing home to watch over her properly. He is quite tough on Kei, who is Mieko’s primary caregiver at the nursing home. But still, Kei tries his best for Mieko and the other residents. He even does things like getting a friend who works as a beautician to open an on-site salon for the residents. However, these efforts lead to Kei being reprimanded by his more experienced colleagues and even the managing director of the nursing home for disrupting the teamwork among staff members at the nursing home. This situation gives Kei a chance to discover Tatsuro’s true wishes.


Junki Tozuka Kaori Shima Katsuhiko Watabiki
Mariko Akama Ao Watanabe Mika Akizuki Hiroko Nakajima Manabu Hamada Akira Onodera
Wakana Matsumoto Yoshihiko Hosoda Mantaro Koichi


Director: Kosuke Suzuki
Theme song: Wedding Day, by Hiromitsu Kagawa
Planning and Original and producer: Hideyuki Yamakuni
Writer: Mamiya Fujimura Hideyuki Yamakuni

Planning/Production Committee: Wonder Laboratory, Inc.
Copyright © 2020 “Care Nin2” Production Committee
2020 / Japan / Color / 5.1ch / 101 minutes
Official website: http://www.care-movie.com/2/

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