“I don’t let dementia end your life.”

A 21-year-old man, Kei Omori, is a rookie certified care worker. Not knowing what he wanted to do in his life after finishing high school, Kei entered a technical school for care work without giving much thought to it. After graduating the school, Kei found his first job at a small-scale multi-functional facility in the suburb. His days were frustrating as Kei was having a difficult time communicating with the elderly people with dementia, and now he was assigned as the main caregiver for a 79-year-old woman with dementia, Keiko Hoshikawa. Through trial and error, and with the support from his experienced colleagues, Kei was gradually developing a stronger bond with Keiko. He was beginning to get serious about his profession in caregiving, which he started “just because” . . .

Junki Tozuka
Wakana Matsumoto Hajime Yamazaki / Kumi Mizuno
Reiko Fujiwara Nahana Mantaro Koichi

Director: Kosuke Suzuki
Theme song: Hoshi furu yoruni [On a starry night], by Hiromitsu Kagawa
Story and producer: Hideyuki Yamakuni
Writer: Mamiya Fujimura
Producers: Hideki Yoshimi / Hiroaki Kanenobu / Yasumasa Osada / Taro Yanase
Co-producer: Asuka Ogawa
Special thanks: Tadasuke Kato (Aoicare)
Music: Koji Endo
Cinematography: Toshihiko Nishimura
Lighting director: Yasushi Miyao
Art director and production design: Tsuru Kesuke
Sound recording: Kentaro Shigematsu
Film editing: Yuriko Sano
Technical production: Masatoshi Setoi
Assistant director: Shinya Ayabe
Line producer: Takashi Hirayama
Care work advisor: Makoto Suzuki
Stylist: Motoko Tanaka / Masakazu Amino
Hair stylist: Naomi Toyama

Planning/Production Committee: Wonder Laboratory, Inc.
Production: “Keanin” Production Committee
(Wonder Laboratory / Library Contents Service / Nobu Pictures / United Entertainment / HORIZON / HM +)
Distribution: United Entertainment
Copyright © 2017 “Keanin” Production Committee
2017 / Japan / Color / Stereo / 105 minutes
Official website: http://www.care-movie.com/

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